The Shove Family

It's rare these days to find people that you truly connect with. Lucky for me, a special connection was made when I met Ryan Shove in 2003 while attending film school in Florida. It was funny, because we didn't really get to know each other until about halfway through our time there, but when we did, it was instant friendship. One thing I heard about constatly during that time was Talie, his girlfriend back home. He would go on and on about how crazy he was about this girl, and how there was no doubt he was marrying her. It wasn't too long after we graduated that we were celebrating at Ryan and Talie's wedding. That was 10 years ago, and our friendship is still one that I cherish very much.

Ryan and Talie live in Atlanta with thier two beautiful (inside and out) girls. When Erin and I found out we were having a baby girl, I think deciding on naming her Talie only took about 2 seconds. Not only did we love the name from the moment we heard it, but we loved the person. Anyways, these people are amazing, but if you need further proof, check out Talie's blog,, where you can spend hours wishing you were as creative and fun as she is (we love you Talie!)

This past Spring, Ryan and Talie made a trip up to Nashville to have thier 10 year anniversary photographed as they shared an intimate vow renewal with each other. It was so...them. Just the two of them, sharing thier hearts with one another, with the kids blowing on dandelions in the field beside us. 

I love this couple. Thank you, Ryan and Talie, for being in our lives and allowing me to photoraph you and your sweet family.