Digital vs. Film

A lot of people ask me what the difference is between film and digital, so I thought I would show you a few examples I shot with both a digital camera and a film camera. The image on the left was taken with a digital camera, and the right image was shot on medium format film. To me, the quality of the film image is stunning. I'm always blown away by how my subjects' skin looks on film. Smooth and gorgeous...every time! Also, film is very forgiving with different lighting situations. It provides an even, beautiful balance of light over the subject. And the colors are always flawless to me. Enjoy these examples. I love film!  







All film images processed by Richard Photo Lab -

Erin + Talie

My beautiful wife Erin and I are expecting the arrival of our daughter, Natalie Jean, in a few more weeks! I spent an afternoon with her taking some photos before Talie joins us!

2013-05-21_0010.jpg2013-05-21_0013.jpg 2013-05-21_0012.jpg 2013-05-21_0014.jpg 2013-05-21_0011.jpg 2013-05-21_0015.jpg 2013-05-21_0016.jpg

Audrey Blissful - The Smith Family

I am honored to have such amazing friends. Recently, I feel like my wedding photography has veered over and I've been doing a ton of baby/family shoots! Not my usual thing, but I've really enjoyed it! Anyways, one of my best friends Ryan is married to Patti Smith, the incredibly talented mastermind behind Audrey Blissful, a unique collection of awesome vintage kids clothes and accessories. We are going to do a A.B. shoot someday soon, but for now, we just spent the afternoon taking some photos of Ryan and Patti's three beautiful kids, Audrey (of which the shop is named after), Whitaker, and Elam. We had a blast! Be sure to check out Audrey Blissful on Etsy.