Ben & Alexis

"My beautiful wife and I hail from the West Coast of Australia, and we literally reached the world for the right photographer, finding Brandon and his incredible photography style. When we emailed him about possibly doing a "destination wedding" in Hawaii and whether or not he would be interested in flying over from Tennessee to capture out special day, it didn't take much to convince him!

On the day of the wedding everything was so smooth and relaxed, but it was such an enjoyable experience at the same time. We were never rushed, nothing felt forced or awkward, the whole dat flowed beautifully and Brandon perfectly captured every intimate moment. We couldn't recommend Brandon enough. To anyone that is looking for the "right" photographer, someone who will immortalize your wedding day in the most perfect way possible, Brandon is your man. Not only are our wedding photos even more amazing than we could have ever imagined, we also gained a friend."

 Lindsay & Zachary

"Your wedding day is seriously the best day of your life. There will never be a way to capture the incredible feeling of happiness that occurs on this day, because it's so much larger than you, but Brandon Chesbro sure comes close! He captured the small details, the people, and the energy of the day – the quiet moments with my husband, the jovial interactions with friends and family, and even the overall setting and how grand it felt. 

One part of our wedding that I had wished had lasted longer was the dancing at the end, but Brandon took so many awesome photos that recorded all kinds of hilarious moments on the dance floor that it looked like our dance party went on all night long! I love that he was able to do that - because despite the brevity of dancing, I can look through all these photos over and over again with the biggest smile on my face knowing we had a wonderful time.

Working with Brandon was truly a pleasure - he was professional, friendly, attentive, and flexible throughout the whole process - beginning to end! On the day of the wedding, he accommodated last minute changes and even made suggestions as to how to make the photo sessions run more smoothly. When we had last minute requests, he was more than accommodating. You need a photographer who can think on their feet and Brandon does just that. Another very important aspect is that he makes you feel comfortable in this day-long photo shoot, blending seamlessly into the background.

Lastly, Brandon delivers on his word. He took the photos I requested and delivered properly exposed photos in a timely manner. My husband and I look through our photos often with so much happiness and thankfulness. We have nothing but thanks to Brandon for capturing our day so beautifully. He truly is a creative mastermind who's capable of evoking the beauty and tenderness of the day in his work. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone - you couldn't be in better hands than his!"


Liza & Aaron

"Brandon was INCREDIBLE!! He is so warm and easy to talk to - and therefore puts you right at ease when taking your photograph! Brandon and his second shooter Autumn were a great team and captured all the best moments of the wedding, and all of the emotion and excitement on everyone's faces. We could not be happier with how our photos turned out - and all of our friends and family are raving as well (and also asking for Brandon's info!). The quality of all of the photos makes them look like they came straight out of a wedding magazine. We loved working with Brandon and can recommend him highly enough!"




Rachel & Tucker

"Brandon captured our wedding perfectly! You can sense the joy and excitement we were feeling in all of his pictures. Could not have been more pleased with him and our amazing pictures!"



Jordan & Adam

"Brandon was honestly one of the best elements of our wedding day! We had a simple conversation about our big day and he did the rest. Literally requiring no direction, Brandon is the epitome of professional and talented! We couldn't have asked for more from our photos, not to mention that he is so much fun and easy-going. I absolutely recommend him for your next wedding or event!"